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Who we are

We are a team of professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic to contribute as much as we can to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and realize the SDG3. We are keen to see and experience the joyful journey of childbirth for every woman.

Mrs. Azucena Gomes Goncalves


Nurse and midwife since 2011. Master degree in Nutrition and spezialized in women's and babie's health in humanitarian settings. Currently a midwife at  Hospital and a teacher at High School of Health in Geneva, Midwifery section. Her migratory background is the center of her motivation for migration, specifically the knowledge transfer to health professionals in developing countries.

Azucena.jpg Mulu Muleta

Addis Ababa

MD, PhD, Ethiopian based in Addis Ababa is an obstetrician/gynaecologist and urogynaecologist spezialized in surgery of obstetric fistula. She is committed to emergency obstetric care services (make mothers survive) as a means to prevent fistulas. Actually she is running her own hospital in Addis Ababa.


Mrs. Feven Haddis

Addis Ababa

BEd, MA, MPH, Consultant / She has over 20 years of experience in health related area. Passionate about women and children health and dedicated to improve their wellbeing.  Undependent consulting activity in humanitarian projects.

Feven.jpg Xavier Onrubia


Dr. med. Specialist FMH in paediatrics. Own practice in Switzerland. Several years of experience and involvement in humanitarian projects as a competent health consultant in pediatric issues and mother/child health.

thumbnail_IMG_4968_edited.jpg Monika Mueller Sapin


MD OBY/GYN Independent with private office in Switzerland. Since 10 years Health Advisor and Consultant involved in different humanitarian projects in Asia and Africa mainly Ethiopia. Master Trainer in Helping Mothers Survive HMS and Helping Babies Breath HBB programs. Founder of FocusBirth, Swiss non-profit Organization. Strong commitment for Mother/Child Health.

Monika Muller Sapin.jpg Monika Mueller Sapin
Mrs. Azucena Gomes Goncalves Mulu Muleta
Mrs. Feven Haddis Xavier Onrubia
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